Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tim Tebow: Faith or Something Like It

The enamorance for Tim Tebow is nothing short of extraordinary. A preachers son on the football field, intangibles stretching to his missionaries in Africa. A first round pick with octopus arm mechanics. The side-arm-sling that resembles my middle school pitching motion.

The camps have become split, the fans who love Tebow and those who despise him, while he hates no one including his opposition. He wishes his adversaries well across the line of scrimmage. But, his tangibles don't match those of a first or second round pick.

The Broncos excommunicated coach Josh McDaniel's gambled on him and now they have no choice to see if he can play. Denver fans have always been passionate with a rich history of quarterbacks like team front man John Elway who exemplified grace with all the skill a franchise would want in their leader on the field.

Tebow had the highest selling NFL jersey before ever throwing a pass-more than Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, and Chris Johnson. The allure to Tebow is undeniable, but his football mechanics are beyond questionable. He represents the hope for a franchise that has under performed for years.

However, when Brady Quinn (a star only in the EAS realm of protein shakes) is out playing him in camp, hope quickly smacks its face into reality. The Broncos still have veteran and proven winner Kyle Orten who wins as old fashionably as his bowl hair due. The Tebow affect has cut Bronco town into these two fan bases. The group that praises him as the second coming of Elway might be in for a rude awakening.

But, Tebow's a story and a great kid. So, will all be watching how this psalm unfolds.

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