Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where's the Love? Boise State proves that Idaho is more than just Potatoes, but gets no respect

Located along the Boise River and nestled against foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boise State University parallels many colleges in the Northwest. What seperates them apart in recent years besides their blue turf football field, is the team that stands on it. The Broncos haven't lost a game since 2008 and this year's team has brought back most of its starters from last year. The current BCS standings have Boise ranked #4 behind Oregon, Auburn, and TCU. Oregon and Auburn I get. In Auburn you have an SEC team and we all know the SEC is the best divison in college football with the hardest schedule. Oregon has been blowing out people all year and deserve the number one spot. TCU is where I have a problem. TCU has had a great year, an undefeated campaign up to this point, but they lost their top pass rusher from last year to NFL and their stregnth of schedule has to be questioned.

If Boise's schedule is suggested to be weaker than TCU, I would have to disagree. I would argue that Boise state's win over Virginia Tech was their biggest win of the year and Virginia Tech turned out to be a very solid team this season. I understand that TCU has beaten Utah who were ranked number 5 in the standings a few weeks back. Let's take the emotion out of it. That's what I am here to do each blog I post. I like to go with facts and truths. Emotions are for birthday parties and weddings. Sports is about what we see on the field and what the numbers say. The numbers tell me that Utah beat Pittsburgh at home by three points to open their season. Now, Pittsburgh came into the year ranked #15 in the country. Huge win right? Since that night, Pittsburgh has lost to Notre Dame, UConn, and a laugher to Miami. Pittsburgh is an average team this year in a very weak Big East conference. This past weekend, Utah lost 28-3 to a pedestrian 5-5 Notre Dame team.

Now TCU crushed Utah 47-7 and the sports world is proclaiming TCU as the third best team in the nation. Aren't we putting a little too much stock on what Utah has been all year. Utah has been a solid team, but never the 5th best team in the nation. TCU ran over them not due to their superiority, but Utah's lack of it. Boise's win over Virginia Tech is a bigger victory. After losing its first two games, one being to Boise, Virginia Tech has won eight in a row including against #23 NC state.

Now, I have a feeling that Auburn has a serious chance of being upset by Alabama this weekend on the road. There defense is suspect and Alabama, despite two losses always plays hard and will continue to do so under Coach Saban. If Auburn falls, the discussions will begin. TCU or Boise in the national championship? Both teams are great stories and both are not the typical college powerhouses that get to play for national championship glory. But, if this scenario happens and we are going off strength of schedule than its a clear choice to pick Boise State. Doing otherwise would just prove that the BCS is an absurd system run by computers instead of people.

That is a story for another day, Stay Tuned and thanks for reading....

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